At North Legal, we offer comprehensive labour advice to companies, managers and individuals, in all areas of labour, social security and human resources. 

Our legal team in the labour area is composed of lawyers with extensive experience in legal advice and defence to meet and anticipate the needs of our clients.  

The services we offer are:
Labour advice
  • Permanent advice to companies, HR departments.
  • Preventive labour consulting in decision making.
  • Legal reports.
Labour relations and collective bargaining.

We advise and accompany our clients in the different labour measures to be adopted, collective bargaining, staff restructuring processes and any action to be carried out in the personnel area of the company, such as: 

  • Negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements and Company Agreements;
  • Disciplinary sanctions, dismissals and termination of contracts;
  • Substantial modifications;
  • Temporary Workforce Reduction Plans;
  • Collective Dismissals;
  • Company restructurings.
Administrative proceedings.

We defend the interests of our clients before the different labour administrations ways:

  • Labour Inspections.
  • Preliminary claims.
  • Conciliations and Mediations.
Social Security.

We advise and defend before the competent administrations and courts, the rights of our clients in social security matters and for this, we have a team of external professionals, medical experts and risk prevention technicians to obtain the best results. 

The main services in social security are the following: 

  • Permanent Disabilities.
  • Retirements.
  • Benefit surcharges.
  • Penalties and surcharges in social security matters.
Prevention of Occupational risks.

The prevention of occupational risks is one of the essential pillars of the labour activity and for that reason, we have a team of external experts to be able to offer the best advice and defence of the interests of our clients in this area.

  • Work accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Civil liability arising from accidents at work or occupational diseases.
Due Diligence and Labour Compliance.

We carry out audits and  to check the legal compliance from a labour perspective offering corrective measures and a specific plans Due diligence is recommended in the context of M&A, where it may be advisable to regularise  and harmonise labour conditions

  • Labour audits.

The increasing complexity of labour relations in companies requires more and more protocols and internal operating regulations that facilitate knowledge and their proper application, so that this does not interfere in the operation of business activity.

We assist companies in the design, preparation, negotiation and application of those protocols, internal regulations and plans that either by legal obligation or to improve the functioning of labour relations make it advisable.  

  • Protocols and internal regulations.
  • Equality plans.

We offer customised training in all matters of labour law and social security that are applicable according to the needs of our clients, mainly aimed at HR Departments and management teams.

Quality service with professionalism and commitment

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