The Firm

North legal was founded in Barcelona as a result of the extensive professional experience accumulated by its partners with the desire to be a modern, dynamic and global firm to respond to existing needs. We provide the quality and qualifications of a large firm with a high legal expertise, but without losing the character of a friendly office, which offers personal and individualised attention to each client and matter. 

We are specialists in business law and, therefore, we guide entrepreneurs, companies and their managers throughout their entire career. Our services include commercial, corporate and labour advice, dispute resolution (including litigation), internationalisation and, if necessary, business restructuring in search of a new opportunity. In addition, together with our North Tax partners, we offer specialised advice in the areas of tax, accounting and labour management.

It is not always easy to get answers, but we will not hesitate to look for ways and means to find them. We will provide you with qualified advice, ethics, empathy, dedication, options, experience, objectivity and business vision to make the right decisions and help you make the best decisions to achieve your goals.

We can be your personal lawyer or, if you prefer, we can work as corporate lawyers. We adapt to your legal needs so that you do not lose the North (legal) of your business. We are your legal partner. 

Likewise, as professionals we cannot forget our responsibility to society, in coherence with the essence and meaning of our profession. For this reason, at North Legal we offer our experience and our time at the service of entities that, due to their circumstances, cannot access them in any other way, free of charge.   

Quality service with professionalism and commitment

A reliable and experienced law firm. We have a highly qualified team dedicated to providing quality service in different areas of law. Don't hesitate to contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you. We will wait for you!